Travelling with a dog on train


my experience is only from Mumbai..People travelling were me and my wife along with our pet daughter – Pari.

Other states might be different though in experience but I am sure the procedure will be the same…following are the steps we followed:

1) book AC 1st class confirmed ticket only. no other classes allow dogs to travel with the family. ALso a Coupe is needed in case the humans travelling with the pet are just 2. if more then, cabin can be booked which can accommodate 4 humans.

2) submit an application requesting for travelling with pet on board. In our case we also requested for a coupe as only me and my wife were travelling with our pet Pari. This application has to be submitted at least a week in advance of travel at the Railways office in Churchgate Mumbai, where the charting is done. Go to the 2nd floor “VIP Floor” of churchgate railways office, to submit the application. Insist on the application to be read, otherwise they will just ask you to drop it in the box. If some details are missing you wouldn’t know. Attach your I’d proof with the application.

3) go 4 hours prior to departure on the date of travel. Keep your pet comfortable somewhere with a family member as it is not needed for the procedures. But can be produced in case required.

Pari on her way to the station

4) go to the Parcel office and take the 1-page parcel form where you need to fill in your and co passengers details (all the people travelling as mentioned on the ticket). Current address and the destination address needs to be mentioned with at least one person’s mobile number. The form needs to be signed at the bottom of the page by any one passenger.

5) Take that form to the station master’s room 1.5 hrs before departure for his stamping. This will happen after the charting is completed and berths are allotted and the travelling station physically receives the chart..

6) take the stamped form back to parcel office for the officer to file the details and raising an invoice. Do not forget to carry a copy of the signatory’s photo I’d. Charge for carrying your pet doesn’t cost much….any where between 633 to 800 rupees. Once the payment is done….all is well and you are Ok to board with the pet. They did not even ask for the pet to be got there and weighed.

7) The TT in the train will check your tickets as well as the invoice raised by the Parcel office.

Finally boarded the train

We also got an SMS 4hrs prior to travel, mentioning that our coupe was confirmed and the Cabin details were shared. But at Mumbai Central station, they did not do anything till they received the chart physically at the travelling station. This is basically done by them to avoid any issues, in case a VIP travel is scheduled and the VIP demands a coupe at the last moment…..VIP Culture i tell you…heheheh…

PLEASE NOTE: Some Points to keep in mind:-

1) I found the railway staff extremely help full and cordial. it was my first time and they made my experience hasselfree and smooth. This was at the Mumbai Central Station. Dont know abt other stations.

2) if 2 people are travelling with the pet, make sure you get a coupe (2 berth cabin). if that doesn’t happen and you get a 4 berth cabin then it will depend on your co-passengers if they allow the Dog in the same cabin. If they don’t, then the pet has to be given to the break van which is the cargo area and it is highly NOT recommended to do so.

A sigh of relief

3) make sure you carry enough toilet pads and tissues so that you dont dirty the cabin.

4) make sure your pet doesnt leave the cabin. And if it does then never with out a leash. so that other passengers/staff dont complain.

5) also, the pet should not make too much noise, again disturbing the co passengers and they might create problems.


The above might sound an extensive exercise, but trust me it wasn’t. took us 30 minutes in all to get everything done. It was quite smooth. I actually had more than a couple of hours pending after all procedures and we went to this place in Pedder road called DOOLALI (<30 Minutes from Mumbai Central)which allows dogs inside the cafe.

Pari chilling in Doolali